Demon Axles – Long Description

Heavy Duty Axles designed for off-road use where an original; factory Axle may prematurely wear out or break due to extreme stress, and steep angles. Built with stronger components these Axles are 45 % stronger than the OEM replacement Axles and as with the OEM replacement product line, no modifications are necessary for installation. They are made from 42 chromium with a 20% increase in Axle diameter over a standard Axle and a 15% increase in CV joint size. They have a swing angle of 45 degrees. All internal components are precision machined to reduce friction and increase CV joint strength and durability.


We are a proud retailer of Demon axles, it is what we run and we wouldn’t sale what we don’t personally use and believe in. Pick up these axles today!


Warranty Information

Products Warranty Full Coverage Period Replacement Fee
Demon HD 1 year 1 year $0
Demon HD-ET 1 year 75 days $50USD
Demon HDP 18 months 1 year $75USD
Demon HDP-ET 18 months 90 days $75USD
Demon XHD 2 years 1 year $100USD
Demon XHD-ET 2 years 180 days $100USD

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